Good Clear Fundraising supplies a worthwhile and highly effective fundraising software etc., for Universities, Youth Groups, Running Agencies and Squads, Churches, nonprofits We market Top Quality water laundry cleaners and fabric softeners made by a big soap producer within the united states. The washing soap is sold when many individuals are spending 13-15 cents per oz at the supermarket in 5-gallon containers for approximately $45 which concerns approximately 7 cents per ounce. One of the companies promoting soap for fundraising is Excellent Clean Fundraiser (or 800-680-3775). I'll search for other companies carrying this out (if you'll find another companies) and post an update for individuals who desire to follow this as a fundraiser opportunity. Update March 3, 2015: A commenter has identified Hold (powdered, not liquid) in five-gallon containers imported from Vietnam being offered in Houston.

We simply discovered a truck promoting these 5 buckets of Wave and Gain soap and my partner asked me do some rapid study while to the gentleman and to beat out my iPad... Clicked a photo and certainly will forward to G & G to inform them it's still occurring here in CALIFORNIA! There's nothing wrong with all the Detergent, while you will see and finally Gamble & Procter USA confirmed that they make this Solution Offshore.

Ofcourse G&H won't let you know that their product will be offered in this way and most certainly anyone marketing it whilst the brand name must be turn off since that's laundry detergent fundraiser a nono (and shame shame for your types who're promoting natural reproductions) but you'll find defiantly 5-gallon containers of hold and gain boating for cents about the buck of everything you are spending in the outlets.